NPFL Atlanta Combine Day 2 Recap

Source: NPFL.COM

At the National Pro Fitness League Atlanta Combine, the men performed a series of individual stations as they tried to convince the teams to select them for Sunday’s races. Spectators and team operators were astounded by the numbers the Atlanta athletes put up.

Some notable performances were a 485 lb. front squat by Stephen Wallace, 27 muscle-ups in 90 seconds by Irving Hernandez, a 2:56 1k row by Matt Grimm, and a 300 lb. and 305 lb. snatch by Marco Coppola and William Hall respectively.

The teams have invited back the following men to race on Sunday:

  • Alex Anderson
  • Zach Anderson
  • Ricky Baylor
  • Alex Bourgeois
  • Tony Cauchi
  • Craig Charton
  • Marco Coppola
  • Robbie Davis
  • Bruce Fields
  • Trai Flemon
  • Kirk Gibson
  • Olly Goddard
  • William Hall
  • Irving Hernandez
  • Buddy Hitchcock
  • Steve Hoover
  • Matthew Hubbard
  • Zeph Littleton
  • Kevin Jones
  • Dominick Maurici
  • Sean McAdam
  • Mike McGoldrick
  • Conner Moore
  • Tristan Moore
  • Will Moorad
  • Frank Morales
  • Joseph Murphy
  • Brandon Pastorek
  • Victor Pellegrino
  • Darwin Aaron Perez-Robledo
  • Daniel Petro
  • Brandon Phillips
  • Steven Platek
  • Andrew Rape
  • Ben Riley
  • Alec Smith
  • Nicholas Urankar
  • Niko Vandevoorde
  • Adam Vinson
  • Stephen Wallace


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