NPFL Combine Concludes In Atlanta


46 Athletes Move on to Las Vegas

Source: NPFL.COM

On day three of the NPFL Atlanta Combine, spectators witnessed the first-ever full match consisting of 11 consecutive races with two stacked teams going head to head. A test of endurance and mental fortitude for the 20 athletes on the grid, it lasted a full two hours.

Of all the NPFL Combines, it was quite possibly the most stimulating set of Sunday’s races to date. All athletes throughout the day moved through the races at a blazing pace, often only having a five-minute rest period between each race. They certainly impressed NPFL team coaches and spectators alike with spectacular performances and the amazing effort they put forth throughout the day.

The coaches have made their final decisions and these 46 athletes will be continuing onto the June Combine in Las Vegas:

  • Elizabeth Adams
  • Shanna Alverson
  • Alex Anderson
  • Lindy Barber
  • Ricky Baylor
  • Alex Bourgeois
  • Laura Brannen
  • Emily Bridgers
  • Lauren Brooks
  • Krissi Brown
  • Marco Coppola
  • Robbie Davis
  • Whitney Gelin
  • Olly Goddard
  • Abby Graham
  • Jennifer Hauser
  • Irving Hernandez
  • Buddy Hitchcock
  • Steve Hoover
  • Ingrid Kantola
  • Colleen Lehane
  • Zeph Littleton
  • Dominick Maurici
  • Mike McGoldrick
  • Crystal McReynolds
  • Will Moorad
  • Conner Moore
  • Tristan Moore
  • Brandon Pastorek
  • Victor Pellegrino
  • Darwin Aaron Perez-Robledo
  • Daniel Petro
  • Steven Platek
  • Brandon Phillips
  • Jessica Phillips
  • Andrew Rape
  • Laura Schatz
  • Tracy Shuford
  • Alec Smith
  • Julie Sneed
  • Kimmy Trowbridge
  • Lauren Truszkowski
  • Nicholas Urankar
  • Niko Vandevoorde
  • Stephen Wallace

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