NPFL Announces Vegas Combine


Source: NPFL.COM

“The National Pro Fitness League be will going to Las Vegas June 16th-18th at The Orleans Arena. In this last Combine, “The Entertainment Capital of the World” will host approximately 100 men and 100 women for three full days of racing.


On Monday the 16th, each of the 200 athletes will participate in a full two-hour match. From there, the teams will invite 50 men and 50 women to compete in a second match on Tuesday. At the end of the matches on Tuesday, coaches will further select 30 men and 30 women to race on Wednesday morning.


A special exhibition match featuring already-signed athletes will then be streamed live. After the exhibition, the teams will have chosen 10 men and 10 women to compete head to head in a final live-streamed match. The five men and five women on the winning team are guaranteed to be signed to a team during the draft on July 10th. All the remaining athletes will have to wait until the Miami Draft to find out if they get signed to a team.



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