Sam Briggs Misses The Cut In European Regional!

In one of the most shocking events in recent CrossFit Games history, Sam Briggs failed to secure a top 3 spot at the conclusion of Event 7, eliminating her chances of defending her title at the 2014 CrossFit Games.

Despite 3 first place finishes in 7 events, Sam Briggs won’t be going to this years Games greatly in part to her poor performance in Event 3 (max distance hand stand walks in 3 mins). She finished 26th in that event, walking a total distance of 65 feet.

Within the CrossFit community, many have complained about programming of event 3. Some feel its not a true test of fitness and if it is, it shouldn’t prevent a former champion from returning to the games if they dominate all other events.

Conversely, Dave Castro could argue these athletes knew about the events a month or more in advance. If Briggs knew her hand stand walks weren’t good enough to walk at least a 100+ ft, then its on Sam Briggs programming and not Dave Castro.

Whatever the case may be, CrossFit in one way or another will expose your weaknesses. Just think, up until a few years ago Rich Froning couldn’t climb a rope and sucked at swimming. This is just another one of those cases.


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