Will Sam Briggs Receive a “Wildcard” Invitation To The CrossFit Games?




After not qualifying for the CrossFit Games this past weekend in the European regional, many were scratching their heads as  to how Sam Briggs, the “Fittest Female in the World” in 2013, could miss out at a chance at returning to this years Games? She dominated many of the events, winning 3 outright but failed miserably on the Event 2’s max hand stand walk, mustering only 65ft in distance.

So that’s it for Sam Briggs in 2014, right? Not so fast! When reading over the rules from the CrossFit Games website, there is a provision that allows CrossFit to invite whom they wish if a competitor does not qualify for regionals:



It’s our assumption, CrossFit will extend an invitation to Briggs, the 2013 champ. Whether that decision will be received positively within the community, who knows? If Sam is invited, will she accept? She could legitimately repeat as champ, even though she missed the cut. What kind of message would that send if she won? We’ll have to wait and see what Dave Castros decides after regionals.





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