How Lindsey Valenzuela Could Miss Qualifying For The CrossFit Games

Check the link below as we dive into the high probability of Lindsay Valenzuela failing to handstand walk atleast 100ft at this weekends So Cal regional and the impact it would have on her securing a trip to Carson this Summer.   There has been much chatter among athletes, coaches and Crossfitters regarding the legitimacy of the test of fitness Dave Castro prescribed in Event 2 (max distance handstand) as a Games qualifying event. In an article written by Greg Glassman entitled “What Is Fitness?” from 2002, he expresses his beliefs that one of the criteria to being fit is the ability to walk on your hands for distance:

“You want to be able to walk 100 yards in the handstand without falling.” – Greg Glassman

Whether or not you believe it should be an event at a Regionals event is not moot because this has been a belief CrossFit’s founder has had for years. The max distance handstand walk was first introduced as an event in the 2011 CrossFit Games.  and has appeared in the Games in 2 of the last 3 years. In the recent transpire of events that happened last weekend with Sam Briggs, its becoming more and more clear that those with gymnastics backgrounds will have an incredible advantage in event 2. In the European regional broadcast, the commentator made such a true statement, “you can’t win regionals in a single event but you can surely miss qualifying in one.”

With that said, lets take a look at one of CrossFit’s most elite level competitors, Lindsey Valenzuela. She comes into this season as clear top 2 or 3 favorite to win the Games. Her one weakness, however, is her handstand walk. Take for example her 18th finish in the skills max distance handstand walk event at the 2011 CrossFit games where she walked only 41″. That was in 2011 you say? Well how about her performance during the Cinco 2 at last years Games? She finished 8th in the event but if you watch her handstand walk, she failed multiple times. If you fall in Event 2 of this years regionals, you are allowed no do-overs.


By no means is this article written to bash Lindsey or discredit her. She is one of the fiercest and toughest competitors and appears to be very sweet, generous and funny athletes you can meet off the field. We saw the impact event 2 can have to on Briggs, who won 3 events outright but still missed qualifying for the Games. It will come down to how hard she has worked on his gymnastics, We’ll have to wait and see. We hope she performs well because a Games without Valenzuela and Briggs participating would be unjust.


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