Predictions For NorCal Regional


3 of these 5 Men will be moving on to the CrossFit Games in July. Who will it be? We take a look and predict the Men’s division for this upcoming weekends NorCal Regional.

Event 1 – Max Hang Snatch

1. Maddox 275lb

2. Khalipa 275lb

3. Piatt 265lb

4. Fisher 260lb

5. Filly 245lb

Just based off of history and quick google searches, Neal Maddox and Jason Khalipa are the strongest two out of this group. The last known video we have of Fisher snatching is 9 months ago when he PR’d his snatch at 280. Typically you can hang snatch 10-20 pounds less than your 1RM, but we think he’ll snatch 260, taking 4th out of this group of 5.

Event 2  Max Distance Handstand

1. Piatt

2. Fisher

3. Khalipa

4. Filly

5. Maddox

Neal Maddox is probably the least gymnasty out of the group. He may take a big hit on this event. Look for Fisher or Piatt to go the furthest distance.

Event 3 – Nasty Girls V2

1. Khalipa

2. Filly

3. Fisher

4. Maddox

5. Piatt

Khalipa will sprint through this with ease. After him, this is a hard event to predict. Filly is the smaller athlete out of the group but does he have the engine to keep up? Fisher and Maddox could swap 3/4…That leaves Piatt in 5th but don’t count him out.

Event 4 21-15-9-6-3 SHSPU FS Burpees

1 Khalipa

2 Maddox

3 Piaat

4 Fisher

5 Filly

This event seems right up Khalipa and Maddox’s alley. It will come down to strength endurance for those SHSPU. Fisher and Piatt could easily swap spots at 3/4. Filly is probably the weakest of the bunch in this event.

Event 5 Legless 200ft sprint

1. Maddox

2. Fisher

3. Khalipa

4. Filly

5. Piatt

This is more of an athletic endurance event. Maddox has the football background which should help. Fisher is a bit more agile and quicker than Khalipa and Maddox. Filly has the soccer background (endurance?) and may surprise in this event.

Event 6 – The 50s

1. Khalipa

2. Fisher

3. Piatt


5. Filly

This event was made for Khalipa. He should finish before all competitors. Piatt and Maddox could easily swap at 3/4. Fisher usually has the endurance for these types of metcons.

Event 7

1 Filly

2 Khalipa

3 Maddox

4 Piatt

5 Fisher

In a recent article posted on the site, Filly was talking up this event. His overhead squat is one of his strengths and he can burn through the set of 64 pullups. Look for him to take this event or finish 2nd.

Average Finishes

Khalipa 2 1 3 1 1 3 2 average – 1.85

Maddox 1 5 4 2 1 4 3 average – 2.8

Fisher 4  2  3 4 2 2 5 average – 3.14


Piatt 3 1 5 3 5 3 4 – average 3.4

Filly 5 4 2 5 4 5 1 – average – 3.7


FIsher and Piatt will be fighting for that final spot. Look for it to come down to a few points and don’t be surprised if Garrett Fisher misses the games! Neal could also slip if he bombs the handstand walks. We’ll have to wait and see!


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