Top 10 Surprising CrossFit Athletes Who Didn’t Make 2014 CrossFit Games

10.  Wes Piatt

Wes Piatt made his first appearance in last years CrossFit Games off a tie breaker in the SoCal Regional in 2013 and finished 35th at last years Games. This year he switched regions and competed in the very competitive NorCal region and placed 5th ahead of Garret Fisher. Although he didnt make Games, most would say this was a respectable showing in his first time competing in NorCal region.

9 Marcus Hendren

Marcus Hendren, a 2 times Games athlete failed to return for his 3rd stint as he placed 5th in one of the toughest regions(Cen. East).  Being showcased as one of the premiere athletes in the first Open announcements vs Garret Fisher and not making the Games is kind of a tough pill to swallow but we’re sure he’ll be back stronger than ever next season.

8 Chad Mackay

After finishing 2nd, 2nd, and 1st in the last 3 years of regionals, its disappointing that Chad Mackay did not qualify for regionals. These workouts destroyed Chad and exposed many weaknesses, finishing 20 or above in all but 2 events.

7 Roy Gamboa

Although Roy is fairly new to CrossFit, he reached the Games last year off of very little experience. With another year under his belt, you’d figure the sky was the limit for this young kid from Texas.  This year, the stars seemed to align in his favor when Games veteran Aja Barto pulled out of competition. The result was a disappointing 5th place finish. If he works on his weaknesses he has the strength and athleticism to be very good at CrossFIt.

6. Katrin Tanja Dorisdottir

The former gymnast turned Crossfitter blew her chances of returning to this year Games after an epic collapse in the rope climbing event finishing 24th. She would end up finishing 6th in what would be one of the toughest regions this year (EU). The good news is that shes still very young and new to Crossfit and has tasted early success so you know she’ll return stronger than ever at next years Regionals.

5 Austin Malleolo

After dominating the North East for the past few seasons, Austin Malleolo’s reign came to an end, failing to reach the Games for the first time in 3 years. Strength has never been his best skill, placing 19th in Event 1. But it would be his 19th place finish in Event 5 that would seal his fate.

4 Stacie Tovar

Stacie Tovar, like Malleolo, had been to the Games the last 3 years. She was showcased during one of the Open workouts and had a been one of the most consistent competitors out of her region. Her chances of returning to the Games diminished in Event 2, only handstand walking 35 feet! Look for her to bounce back from this disappointing season next season, healthy and stronger than ever.

3 Garret Fisher

It must be the hair aka Garret Fisher received much hype after debuting at last years Games. He quickly became a fan favorite and infamous for his stylish hair and his ability to throwdown some heavy weights. However, during the regionals he struggled with the pistols on Nasty Girls V2, and seemed gassed during the 50s workout in Event 6. The bright side is hes young, still fairly new to CrossFit and works out with some of the best Crossfitters in the world. Look for him to rebound next season.

2 Lindsey Valenzuela

Lindsey Valenzuela took 2nd at the 2013 Games and looked to be one of the early favorites heading into the SoCal regional knowing Sam Briggs did not qualify. What we didn’t expect was for Lauren Fisher to ball out like she did, eliminating Lindsey’s chances of returning to the Games. She would end up losing to Fisher by only nine points, finishing 8th place or better in every event. As one of the toughest competitors in CrossFit, expect her to return with a vengeance next season.

1 Sam Briggs

Sam Briggs, your 2013 Womans champion is the most disappointing non qualifier to this years Games. It would be her handstand walk that would eliminate her chances as she only traveled 65 feet. We all know how good of a Crossfitter she is and how disappointing it will be to not have her at this years Games. That is why she falls at #1 on this list.

Not listed due to injury: Matt Chan, Mikko Salo


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