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I'm grateful for a lot of things this weekend. And I'm more grateful that I also had the chance to defy the odds and prove that if you work hard enough for something you can achieve anything. Thank you to my coach @dustyhyland for always putting his athletes before himself and getting me prepared for this weekend. Thanks to the people's champ @liftlikelindsey for constantly being a role model, outstanding athlete, and training partner. Thanks to Kathy Flippin, Dr. Travis Connelly, and Lindsey Matthews for all of their help and expertise with helping my body recover multiple times over this weekend. Thanks to all my friends and family for the support this past year and weekend. Thank you to all my fans for believing in me and cheering me on all weekend! Thanks to all my family @occf for being with me every step of the way. I looked to you all many times this weekend for strength💪 Big thanks to all my sponsors @nfsports @strengthwraps @killcliff @caffeineandkilos @ohmybar

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