Top 5 Men Prize Earners @CrossFitGames

2014 CrossFit Games Prize Earnings

Event 1st $3,000
2nd $2,000
3rd $1,000
Final 1st $275,000
2nd $75,000
3rd $45,000
4th $20,000
5th $18,000
6th $16,000
7th $14,000
8th $12,000
9th $11,000
10th $10,000
11th $9,000
12th $8,000
13th $7,000
14th $6,000
15th $5,000
16th $4,000
17th $3,500
18th $3,000
19th $2,500
20th $2,000

Regionals Cash prizes will be awarded to the top Athletes and Teams at each Regional.
i. 1st place man and woman, US$3,000 each
ii. 2nd place man and woman, US$2,000 each
iii. 3rd place man and woman, US$1,000 each

Open A cash prize of US$2,014.00 will be awarded for the top male and female score worldwide in each Open Event (weekly).


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