T-Nation | Beating the CrossFit Drug Test


Here’s what you need to know…
  • The author is one of the world’s top experts on the use of steroids. He unapologetically believes in their usage and teaches athletes how to beat drug tests, including CrossFitters.
  • Anyone with the IQ of a chicken breast could pass the CrossFit Games drug test. There are loopholes that can be easily exploited by resourceful cheaters.
  • Cheaters do whatever it takes to win. But remember, “whatever it takes” also means they need to be ready to go to extremes to beat the tests.
  • Dirty athletes in drug-tested sports have several tools at their disposal: designer steroids that can’t be detected, artificial urine, fast-clearing drug cocktails, and the “duck and dodge” method.
  • Even with the best methods, your social game can get you popped. “Administrative positive” basically means you got ratted out. So be nice and keep your trap shut.



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