Team Structure Changes for 2015 NPGL Season

Here are some notable changes for the coming season:

  • Rosters overall will decrease from 20 to 18, with all players being active.
  • For a match, teams will designate seven women and seven men to play, still keeping one as a 40+ female and one a 40+ male.
  • Every player in the 14 will be eligible to play in the match. No more reserves.
  • For each race, though, only five men and five women can play. One man and one woman must be 40+.
  • Each team will begin with a starting lineup consisting of five men and five women, and have two more men and two women on the bench. At any time in between races, a starting athlete can be substituted for one of the athletes on the bench.
  • If a substitute is brought in, the athlete who was replaced cannot return to the match but will be eligible to start again the following match.
  • Should a player get injured during a match, teams will have one less player available for the match. No players can be added to the 14 designated for that match.
  • Should a team lose one of its 40+ players to a season-ending injury, a team is able to resign another 40+ athlete during season.
  • Otherwise, no teams can sign or trade athletes during season.


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