The NSCA Sues CrossFit To Silence The Truth

Keep Fitness Legal

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In 2013 the NSCA published what has become known as “The Devor Study” in their Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The article included CrossFit injury data that we determined to be fabricated, and the NSCA ignored our repeated urging to investigate the study before publishing it. Since then, we have been trying to shine a bight spotlight on their organization, and found it to be festering with academic and scientific corruption. It looks like it’s working.

On May 2nd, 2016, attorneys working for the National Strength and Conditioning Association filed a lawsuit against defendants Greg Glassman, Russell Berger, Russ Greene, and CrossFit Inc. The Lawsuit was filed in the state of California and alleges that the defendants committed trade libel, defamation, and used unfair business practices against the NSCA.

While there are subtle legal differences between each of these claims, they can be summarized in plain english as such: The NSCA alleges that we knowingly spread false information about them…

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