RX Smart Gear Becomes Official Jump Rope Partner of CrossFit

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#Repost @rxsmartgear with @repostapp ・・・ We are very proud to partner with CrossFit, Inc in becoming the Officially Licensed Jump Rope of CrossFit and honored that the Rx Jump Rope is recognized as the first jump rope brand developed specifically to use in CrossFit workouts since 2009. We realized very early on that that your jump rope needed to be durable, reliable and functional above all other things to help you perform optimally during a CrossFit workout. The patented Rx Jump Rope was the first to introduce a fixed length, custom fit cable offered in a variety of weights and thickness. Rx also popularized the "train heavy compete light" philosophy by promoting high resistance double unders with a heavy cable. Now we know that you need to be prepared to "compete heavy" as seen in this year's Crossfit Games workout which included heavy cable double unders. Let's not forget that Rx was also the first brand to break the rules and let you express your individuality by offering a multitude of colorful handle and cable options. We are excited to continue leading the way with innovative equipment and training solutions and strive to earn your loyalty every step of the way. The Official CrossFit Rx Jump Rope can ONLY be purchased through CrossFit.com online store. #elevateyourfitness #crossfit #trainheavycompetelight #theofficiallylicensedjumpropeofcrossfit

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