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Brian Mckenzie Interview #Repost @themindmuscleproject with @repostapp ・・・ "Flow sits between anxiety and arousal… The analogy he used was 'we can not physiologically tell the difference between the lion stalking the antelope'… But the difference is the lion wants to be there and the antelope doesn't, so when you want to be there you're the lion." Episode 99 (Almost at 100!) – With Brian Mackenzie, innovator of the endurance, strength and conditioning paradigm. What do you do to increase your endurance and aerobic fitness? Maybe hit some METCONs, AMRAPs or EMOMs? But you're not getting any fitter, does this sound familiar? @iamunscared discusses with us why you're not getting fitter, what it takes to enter and stay in the 'pain zone' and how class A & B drugs improve training performance. Download and listen now! @powerspeedendurance @iamunscared @trainingmask

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#Repost @barbellshruggedpodcast with @repostapp ・・・ Happy Wednesday Shrugged Crew! The last few weeks have been pretty intense. Let’s back off on the seriousness a little bit and bring it back to to old school Shrugged. This week we thought it was due time for a throwback episode.  So brew up some coffee Chris Moore style, with delicate treatment via french press. Remember, don’t scorch it and ruin your fresh grind like an amateur. We share our stories and experiences about how much the CrossFit world has changed over the past 10 years. We go into a little background of how we found it . We also share some of our competition experiences as well as how much the CrossFit Games have changed from year to year. Have you noticed how fast nutrition and training volume in this community are evolving? It’s cool to think back and see what parts of this fitness community are trends and which ones of those have stood the test of time. There are some funny ass stories in here so make sure you cover your keyboard so when you spit out the black gold your sipping it doesn’t fry your Macbook, Del, or E-machines (…after all, it is a throwback). It’s all changing and growing so fast. Towards the end we talk about where we think CrossFit as a sport is heading and what we think the future CrossFit Games Athletes will look like. Where do you think it is heading? What do you think things will look like in 5 or 10 years? It’s a blast to think about it. And I’m super grateful to be along for the ride. And we’re super grateful to have you with us. As always, thanks for listening. Enjoy! – @mcgshrugged

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