GRID Season 3 08/018/2016 Results

NY and Boston Kick off Season 3 With Thriller

After throwing the bonus flag — and winning — in Race 10, and bringing his team within 1 point of the Boston Iron, New York Rhinos Head Coach Frederik Aegidius was unusually confident about how his team would fare in the decisive Race 11. The Rhinos had lost this exact race, Pike’s Peak’s Sprint Relay, by two seconds two years ago and it wasn’t going to happen again.

“I think we have the strongest male lineup in the league, the strongest weight-movers,” Aegidius said going into winner-take-all relay against Boston. “We might be missing a little on the (body-weight) side, but we find a way to make it up.”

Did they ever. Weightlifter Wes Kitts edged Boston’s Kurt Garceau on the final element, hoisting his second 335-lb clean and jerk over his head and racing back down the GRID to cap a thrilling 18-17 win for the Rhinos.


2-Time Champion DC Brawlers, Baltimore Anthem Face Off

The DC Brawlers — the undefeated National Pro GRID League champions two years running — came into Wednesday’s opening match of Season 3 against the Baltimore Anthem with a plan to continue their winning ways.

They did just that and more. In fact, their 24-7 drubbing of the Anthem was merciless. It was clean, efficient and relentless. By the end, Baltimore looked stunned. Ever the perfectionist, however, DC head coach Justin Cotler is not resting on his laurels.

“When I go back and watch the film later tonight,” Cotler said, “I have already written down five or six things that I know we need to work on, things I was not happy with.”


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