CrossFit Team Series Divisions Announced

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#Repost @crossfitgames ・・・ CrossFit Team Series Divisions––Teams will have the option to compete in the following divisions: • Teenage Division: Restricted to athletes 14-17 years of age as of July 15 of the current season. • Masters Division: Restricted to athletes 40 years of age and older as of July 15 of the current season. • Open Division: For all teams not meeting the above age requirements. This division includes all sponsored teams.* Note: Two versions of each workout will be released: a prescribed version and a scaled version. Teams may choose to perform either version of the workout. *Any team whose name includes a sponsor or other corporate entity (that is not listed on their official CrossFit Affiliate License Agreement) is required to compete in the Open Division as a sponsored team. #CrossFitTeamSeries #CrossFit | 📷 Juan Jose Euan, CrossFIt Play Del Carmen | #CrossFitGames Register for the Team Series through the link in bio. Games.CrossFit.Com/teamseries

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