Jacob Hepner Now Under Brute Strength Programming

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Jacob Heppner Now Following Brute Strength Programming. #Repost @jheppner66 with @repostapp ・・・ Completely stoked to be joining @brute.strength for 2017! Spent the weekend in Baton Rouge working with @brucebarbell (Olympic lifting) @nicksorrel (gymnastics). Learned a lot and I'm sure they learned more about me and what I need programmed to succeed and improve his year. Also ate a boatload of gumbo, boudin, crawfish, and catfish. Louisiana is awesome. … 4×8 Front Squat *1 min rest btw 4×8 Back Squat *1 min rest btw 3×15 Squat Jumps *1 min rest btw (Increasing weight/rd) Then courtesy of @thenickfowler Max calorie AAB in 60s and Max calories in 10 min (2 scores) Immediately into, 3 rounds: 21x Snatch 115# 15x box jump overs (no touching the box) 9x DL 315#

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