Power Monkey Fitness Gets Sponsored by Reebok

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Power Monkey Fitness is excited to announce our new partnership with Reebok. As the leading brand in fitness apparel and lifestyle, we couldn't think of a better fit. At PMF, we strive to bring the highest quality sport specific content to the masses… Having Reebok's support will help us reach more people around the world. There will be 13 Team Power Monkey Coaches and athletes involved in the partnership. They are: 1)Mike Cerbus-OLY @mikecerbus 2)Dave Durante-Gymnastics @davedurante 3)Sadie Durante-Gymnastics @sadieann 4)Rupert Egan-Gymnastics @rupert.egan 5)Colin Geraghty-Gymnastics @colinpgeraghty 6)Shane Geraghty-Gymnastics @shanegeraghty 7)Jason Leydon-Programming @jasonleydon 8)Jessica Lucero-OLY @jessicalucero9 9)Vanessa McCoy-OLY @v_real_mccoy 10)Dan Pope-PT @fitnesspainfree 11)Dave Tilley-PT/Gymnastics @shift_movementscience 12)Chad Vaughn-OLY @olychad 13)Jodi Vaughn-OLY @chadvaughnswife Be sure to check out Reebok's Fitness Blog Today for a post featuring Our upcoming Power Monkey Camp (http://fitness.reebok.com/blog/) @reebok #reebok #powermonkeyfitness #gymnastics #oly #pt #powermonkeycamp #fitness #fun #train

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