Dani Horan and Patrick Vellner Win 2016 Granite Games

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Had an amazing time at @thegranitegames this weekend! So much fun and fitness! First I want to congratulate all of the athletes who competed this weekend, especially @_danihoran for her first place finish! As well as a congrats I want to thank the athletes. We push each other to reach our full potential and it's so fun to come together and test out limits. I had a blast hanging and chatting with people all weekend. I want to thanks all of the staff for their amazing work all weekend, the event ran smooth as always. You are the unsung heroes of the weekend. Special shout outs to @johnswanson27 for organizing and programming a lights of event and @okeefmr for being my dad this weekend. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to be around for he awards ceremony, but in had to jet to make it back to school. Especially to @carlinz_ And @quany_quan , it's an honor to share a podium with you guys. I promise to be around next time. One last shout to my sponsors @hatlex_canada and @forging_heroes for getting me out to St. Cloud to partake. I'll see you next time, keep your nose to the grindstone. Cheers. #makeitcount #beanathlete #stayinschool #knowledgeispower #granitegames #imsosore #thanks #doyouwannarowa10k #exerciseracing #compete #crossfit

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