Games Athlete Kristin Holte Wins Aphrodite Games (Europe)

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Back in 2014, while Oxana Slivenko was in Cyprus preparing to compete at the Battle of London, the idea for the Aphrodite Games was pushed forward by founder and owner of Geraklion Mr. @saeremin, and in June that year the very first Aphrodite Games was held. The competition was originally planned to be only for women, and the name was chosen to show people that CrossFit is not only a man's sport and that female athletes are just as beautiful as the they are strong. Fast forward to present day and the 2016 Aphrodite Games women's division was packed with some of the best female athletes in Europe. @oxanaslivenko and @thurihelgadottir were tied on points in second place. To settle the score we had to check back to see how many 1st place finishes they both had – equal on 2 each. Then we checked 2nd place finishes – equal again on 1 each. We then checked 3rd place finishes and that's were the difference was with Oxana 5 ahead of Thuri. There was less drama right at the top, with a clear winner in 1st place and that was @holtekristin. Kristin was excellent throughout the 3 days and fully deserved the 1st place prize of €7000. It is also worth mentioning that back in 2014 at the Battle of London -around the time the Aphrodite Games was founded – Kristin also took 1st place in that competition. 1st: Kristin Holte 2nd: Oxana Slivenko 3rd: Thuri Helgadottir #aphroditegames #crossfitgirls #strongwomen #winners #norway #russia #iceland

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