Winners of the 5th Annual Invictus Athlete Competition

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#Repost @crossfitinvictus with @repostapp ・・・ Congratulations to the Winners of the 5th Annual Invictus Athlete Online Competition! That’s a wrap on the 5th Annual Invictus Athlete Online Competition. Congratulations not only to the amazing athletes who finished at the top of the leaderboard, but also the dozens (maybe hundreds) of athletes who achieved new PRs and exceeded their expectations. For the Invictus coaches, this is an incredible opportunity to sit back and watch with pride as athletes reap the rewards of the hard work they’ve put in during the off-season. This year’s crop of more than 1400 participating athletes did not disappoint. Every time we checked the blog comments and social media we were greeted by an awesome success story. Top 5 Males 1st Place – Alex Anderson 2nd Place – Jacob Anderson 3rd Place – Sam Dancer 4th Place – Garret Fisher 5th Place – Devan Hussey Top 5 Females 1st Place – Maddy Myers 2nd Place – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 3rd Place – Lauren Herrera 4th Place – Kloie Wilson 5th Place – Laura Hosier Top 3 Males & Females – 40-44 Division 1st Place – Kenny Ochoa & Karen McCadam 2nd Place – Brian Maier & Melissa Lopes 3rd Place – Rob Walkder & Jean Thorson Top 3 Males & Females – 45-49 Division 1st Place – Pete Mongeau & Cheryl Brost 2nd Place – Brent Maier & Carrie Sandoval 3rd Place – Art Erickson & Ulla Keijama Top 3 Males – 50-54 Division 1st Place – Matt Beals 2nd Place – Jeff Dempsey 3rd Place – Randy Hestand Top 3 Males & Females – 55-59 Division 1st Place – Edward Rapoza & Jarka Giangiulio 2nd Place – Edgar Boehle & Terri-Ann Giandomenico 3rd Place – Lee White & Terri Bennett Top 3 Males – 60+ Division 1st Place – Barry Emerson 2nd Place – Gene Stokes 3rd Place – Kenneth Trahan Congratulations to all who participated and pushed themselves to some new PRs! We hope you all enjoy a restful and reinvigorating holidays with your family and friends. Make sure you’re physically and mentally restored to begin our 2017 Open Prep Cycle on January 2, 2017! A huge thank you to Breeze Scoring (@breezescoring) and our Sponsors Compex (@compexusa), Nike (@nike) and Halo Sport (@haloneuroscience)! #InvictusAthlete #InvictusTrained #

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